These are Printed Banners for GiantPole Displays

These transcribed banners are designed to be used with our GiantPole banner display. With a stand measuring over 17ft tall, these transcribed banners are equally substantialat just under 13ft. When used with our GiantPole banner display, these transcribed banners option a effective way to draw attention to you business or company. Transcribed banners, also recognized as custom-built flags, can promote sponsors, advertise new highlights , announce potential events, or simply create brand awareness at occupied events. Because of their substantialsize, these transcribed banners cannot be missed no matter what atmosphere they are used in. These transcribed banners are designed for both indoor and outdoor reason in mind. Reason these advertising flags, transcribed banners at car dealerships, outdoor concerts, sports arenas, and more. Indoor uses can comprisetrade shows, lobbies, convention halls, and provide environments.

Advertising banners, custom-built flags, and other transcribed banners can be printed with your company's logo, slogan, or sales message. Designed for reason outdoors and in, these transcribed banners will resist fraying and fading for yrs. to come. Each transcribed banner functions a white, knitted polyester fabric substrate that is difficult to rip or tear. This substrate also sells a object through print, which means that when transcribed on just one side, you canwhile scan a reverse portrait on the back. We retail these transcribed banners in both single and double-sided benefits. Double-sided flags are formulated by two banners and sewing them together. We also sell these transcribed banners in various another print benefits. Scan beneath for details.

Print Methods:


  • Number: Greater than 10 pieces (for one tone)
  • Portrait Design: Effective for efficient kinds and logos. Four tone service effective for whole tone graphics
  • Back of Flag: Mirror of front, just as bright
Because of the initial setup prices, silk-screening is finest suited for supplemental wide quantities of the same flag; pricing begins at 10 pieces. Silk-screening makes a very object through print; numerous times it is indistinguishable from the front of the flag. With 1-3 tone imprints, Pantone tones can be matched exactly. Four tone service silk-screening is very object at preparing whole tone images that come close to the quality of digital transcribed flags. This is an resonably priced selection for substantialentire tone runs. The main limitation of silk-screening technique is the minimum number must have. Whole tone silk-screening also does not allow for exact Pantone matches, and the through print is slightly lighter than with 1-3 tone imprints.

Direct Digital Printing

  • Number: Small quantities
  • Portrait Design: Whole tone flags are easily produced with digital printing
  • Back of Flag: Mirror of front, not as bright as front
Digital prints are finest suited for small quantities. A substantialformat printer is used to print the portrait directly onto the knitted polyester. The resulting through prints are generally not as bright as with silk-screening. All of our small number flags are transcribed digitally.

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