Feather Banners with Pre-Printed Messages are Outdoor Signs

Looking for customized feather banners for your business but have a limited budget? Offered here is a wide selection of stock message flags. These advertising feather banners are outfitted with pre-printed messages such as: open, sale, grand opening and welcome. These outdoor flags generally come with ground spikes for use in sand or turf but some of our more popular models came with interior base options. These feather banners, sometimes referred to as trade show displays, are outfitted with car foot bases, water/sand bases or cross bases. What makes this line of advertising flags different from other styles is that they apply to most any establishment.

feather banners What are the features of this style of flag?
  • Most of the feather banners with stock message displays come with metal ground spikes that are intended for use in grass, sand, snow, or other softer surfaces. There are other options that offer the choice of a cross base and water bag combination, ground spike, car foot, or fillable plastic base. The plethora of bases makes it easy for customers to find the most practical units.
  • These pre-printed signs feature numerous graphics, which allows businesses to accommodate individual needs. Whether the display says "sale", "open", "welcome", "grand opening" or one of the other messages, the bright colors are certain to grab the attention of prospective customers. Many styles feature an American flag, or patriotic, color scheme that is highly visible in any setting.
  • All of the display banners are shipped unassembled to keep shipping cost lower; however, the portable designs make for quick set-up times, which is especially useful at fast-paced businesses.

The sign flags are frequently implemented at automotive dealerships, convenience stores, real estate offices, banks, bars, and more. The large dimensions of the words and graphics are impossible to miss, so any passing pedestrians or motorists will definitely take notice, even from great distances. The economy teardrop banner flags flutter with the wind blows, while simultaneously promoting merchandise and services. Every model comes with the hardware needed for proper demonstration. In fact, some banner flags even offer several base options to suit a variety of applications. Most institutions place the signs next to entryways or storefronts to drum up sales and highlight promotions. Each of these sign flags are both portable and lightweight, so installation or relocation is simple. The GiantPole.us warehouse provides shoppers with one of the widest selections of stock message feather banners, so every customer is able to find effective marketing solutions.

How do units with aluminum flagpoles compare to fiberglass versions?
  • Aluminum is a more rugged material yet can be prone to weathering, whereas the fiberglass flagpoles are not affected by oxidation.
  • The metal styles sell for much less than the fiberglass models. If economically pricing is what you are you require, then take at look at the aluminum units.
  • Fiberglass flagpoles are not conductive as opposed to aluminum, which have been known to attract electricity. Extra precaution should be taken during inclement weather for those using metal models.
  • Aluminum is lighter in weight than fiberglass flagpoles, so customers are able to reap the benefits of decreased shipping rates.

The outdoor displays are widely employed by companies that want to increase marketing exposure when funds are tight. Bystanders and potential clients are intrigued by the gentle fluttering motion, which makes them more likely to enter a location. At the same time, viewers are collecting valuable information they will then (or later) use to make an aware decision. The display creates interest and excitement but serves a successful avenue for advertising. The aluminum flagpoles come in four pieces that are effortlessly assembled. In fact, the process takes a matter of minutes, as some of the item description images and videos illustrate. Units that have bases other than the ground spike are slightly more complicated, but the amount of extra time it takes is still negligible in comparison. In either instance, the preprinted graphics remain highly visible due to the unique, curved design of the flagpoles. This configuration ensures the banners are taut, open, and ready for reading. Customers can choose from stock colors or American flag themes. Both options are vibrant and will stand out against any background. These displays take the guesswork out of outdoor advertising for businesses, while also offering unbeatable economy.

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