Teardrop Banners Suit Different Applications with Several Base Configurations

Teardrop banners have long been a fixture of the marketing circuit, but how are manufacturers and distributors improving this already fantastic promotional tool? Many designers are focusing on the variety of uses for these advertising flags, although only a few supplies have discovered ways to advance their functionality and practicality. Sales locations are competitive in every market, but establishments like automotive dealerships, retail department stores, and local businesses are frequently merciless when contending for buyers. Of course the irony rest in the fact that these applications are also places in which it can be challenging to keep teardrop banners upright and readable. One method flag developers have used to solve these problems the application of premium quality vinyl substrates throughout the manufacturing procedure. Another way incorporates the use of more durable PVC and fiberglass materials for the stands. Even though both of these enhancements have assisting in quelling some of the main issues, the advertising supplies still fall short when taking into account the extensive number of uses. The most innovative advertisement and display companies have started to include different bases that can stand up to the demands of each unique professional setting. The latest inventions for base designs involve the ground spike, the cross base that comes with a water bag, the car foot, and the fillable plastic tank support.

Prior to examining the kinds of bases currently offered, we will study why teardrop banners, also called swooper flags, are such a well-liked resource for visual merchandising. These signs are serve as a great medium for promoting organizations, businesses, schools, upcoming events, and even particular brand names. One of the ways in which the indoor/outdoor flags are so successful is their ability to be custom-printed with emblems, logos, slogans, and other advertisements. The large and colorful graphics make establishments viewable from afar. In addition, most of the wind blade banners offer the choice of one-color, two-color, three-color, and full color imprinting. Images may be transcribed through vinyl digital printing, imprinting, or dye sublimation. Each printing choice is optimized for different purposes and customer needs. For more intricate designs or detailed emblems, full color screen printing, digital printing, and dye-sublimation processes are ideal. For less involved vector art, one-color, two-color, and three-color heat-transfer imprinting is typically chosen. Single and double-sided prints are yet another option for these teardrop banners. At any rate, the displays grab the attention of passersby using their towering layouts as well as their gentle swaying motion. Setup of the flags is straightforward because no additional tools are needed. Simple configurations allow them to be portable, which is they are so popular among store owners, retailers, and vendors. What is even better is that the teardrop banner displays work for either indoor or outdoor environments, which is made possible by the various bases offered with each unit.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the ground spike base. Engineered especially for outdoor applications, the ground spike features a durable metal fabrication that accommodates several surfaces. The unique base securely fastens the teardrop banner just about anywhere, from a soft grass area to a sandy beach. It keeps the display stable and upright in light to moderate winds, too. Outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals located at parks typically choose these styles, as the sturdy banners will direct goers to particular booths, tents, or service areas. Dirt tracks for BMX events, motocross competitions, or sprint car races are also common places where the ground spike is employed. As they line the edge of the track with sponsorship, racers are able to stay on course while keeping onlookers out of harm’s way. Other uses include advertising at waterfront concession stands or restaurants that face the beach rather than the street. Beachside athletic tournaments and concerts are other events in which promotional teardrop banners are implemented. Here, they supply important notices and information to viewers. With such transportable layouts and durable outdoor construction, it would be impractical not to include ground spikes with blade flags.

The next base that is available with these promotional banners is the cross frame and water bag combo. This model is put up in both interior and exterior environments. In fact, it may be implemented with just one or both of the parts. For inside applications, the metal cross base can be used alone. For fast-paced or high traffic locations, like trade shows, shopping malls, and outdoor events, the water base is applied to keep the units from toppling. Sidewalk displays near storefronts or retail entryways are also excellent places to promote sales, new offerings, and available services. These choices are very practical due to their large array of uses in addition to the fact they can be set up using just the cross base or the combination of both components. Their versatility will accommodate hard outdoor surfaces or indoor retail sales floors.

The car foot base will make any auto salesperson jump for joy! Teardrop banners have been a staple at automotive, marine, and even commercial equipment dealerships for many years. Fortunately for business managers and owners, advertising at these locations just got easier. The car foot fits under the wheel of an automobile or trailer, which results in one of the most secure presentations. With anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. of weight on the base, users rest assured the flags will not move! Of course, the way the base is applied does not simply limit it to only outdoor uses. Indoor auctions and showroom floors are typically equipped with blade banners that highlight specific makes, models, years, or promotions.

The last base preference has a fillable configuration akin to the aforementioned water bag. The difference is that this plastic base is crafted from a sturdy polymer and will hold either sand or water for stability. This base is one of the strongest and most rugged options. In fact, the design has been tested and approved for high winds, as well as relatively bad weather. For cold outdoor environments, manufacturers recommend the addition of salt to the water to prevent freezing. Heavy-duty bases like these are optimal for store front merchandising where drawing in more customers is critical.

Indoor and outdoor promotional campaigns frequently call for several varying supplies, but these teardrop banners with highly functional bases have changed the game. They have recently become one of the most popular ways to attract customers in any environment. Whether businesses are involved in the retail, food, or auto industry, the proper fixtures will supply efficient solutions. Increasing a company’s exposure is effortless with these promotional flags. The addition of a custom logo or slogan captivates viewers, while the wide range of base styles provides a suitable solution for any advertising setting or purpose.

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