Feather Flags Offer Multiple Base Styles to Accommodate Any Application

Feather flags have been a staple in the advertising world for several years now, but what are designers and suppliers doing to improve an already great idea? Many manufacturers are working to understand the various uses of these promotional displays, although only some companies have figured out ways to increase their practicality and usability. Sales environments are competitive in every market, but locations like car dealerships, department stores and local shops are often ruthless when competing for customers. Unfortunately, these applications are also places in which it may be difficult to keep feather flags visible and standing upright. One way flag makers have combated these issues is by using higher quality vinyl material during the manufacturing process. Another method involves the use of stronger PVC and fiberglass materials in the development of the feather flag frames. While both of these advancements have helped to quell some of the major issues, the solutions still come up short when considering the extensive number of uses. The most inventive display businesses have started to provide different bases that can handle the unique demands of each marketing setting. The latest innovations in base design include: ground spikes, cross bases with water bags, car foot supports, and fillable polymer units.

Before we study the types of bases currently available, let’s take a look at why feather flags, also called wind blade banners, are such a popular resource for promotions. These displays are an excellent vehicle for advertising businesses, educational institutions, public events, specific brand names and more. One of the reasons the banners are so effective is that they are typically custom-printed with logos, slogans or other promotional messages. In addition to the fact that large printed graphics make locations viewable from a distance, most of the feather flags can be outfitted with one-color, two-color, three-color and full color imprinting. Another great feature is that imagery may be applied through vinyl imprinting, digital printing or dye sublimation. Each print option is optimized for specific designs, environments and customer needs. For intricate artwork and detailed logos, full color screen printing, digital printing and dye-sublimation printing techniques are most successful. For less complicated vector art designs, one-color, two-color or three-color heat-transfer printing is ideal. In any case, the feather flags captivate passersby with their tall stature while drawing attention with gentle waving motion caused by the wind (when used outdoors). Single and dual-sided prints are also offered for these feather flags. Assembly of the units is easy, as oftentimes no additional tools are required for setup. Straightforward configurations are yet another reason the promotional flags are so highly sought after by business owners, marketers, and vendors alike. What is even better is that the banner displays can be employed in indoor or outdoor environments. Of course, this capability is made possible by the selection of bases included with each model.

We’ll begin by examining the ground spike bases. Designed specifically for outdoor purposes, the ground spikes feature durable metal construction that works perfectly on several types of surfaces. From soft grassy turf to sandy beaches, the unique bases hold feather flags securely almost anywhere. These base options keep displays upright and stabilized in fair to moderate wind conditions, as well. Outdoor festivals, concerts and fairs that take place in parks often benefit from these styles, as the sturdy flags direct attendees to certain tents, booths or service locations. Dirt tracks for BMX events or sprint car races are also places where the ground spike is commonly utilized. Lining the length of a berm with sponsorship helps racers stay on course while keeping enthusiasts safe. Other applications include beachside restaurants and snack bars that face the water rather than the street. Waterfront concerts and athletic tournaments are still more events in which promotional feather flags are used because they provide pertinent information to onlookers. With such portable designs for outside use, it would be a shame not to incorporate a ground spike with these blade banners.

Another base offered with these promotional flags incorporates the cross frame and water bag combination. These models are set up in both interior and exterior locations and may be used with just one of both of the components. For indoor applications, the simple cross base may be implemented by itself. For higher traffic areas, like trade shows, shopping malls, and outdoor events, the water base is helpful for keeping blade banners from tipping over. Sidewalk setups at storefronts or retail entrances are still more great places to advertise sales, new merchandise and available services. The beauty of these choices is their wide range of uses along with the fact they can be implemented using either the cross base only or the combination of both parts. Such versatility accommodates hard exterior surfaces or interior retail sales floors. Although these units may be used outdoors, they are not built to withstand high winds and should be brought inside during severe weather.

The car foot base is an automotive dealer’s dream come true! Feather flags have long been a fixture at car, boat, and even heavy machinery dealerships. Fortunately for these business owners, advertising just got easier. The car foot allows for the wheel of an automobile to be driven onto it for one of the most secure displays. With 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. of weight on the base, users can be sure the flags are not going anywhere! Of course, the way in which the base is used does not limit it to only outdoor use. Showroom floors and indoor auctions are often outfitted with blade banners that display certain makes, models, years, and sales.

The final base preference integrates a fillable style similar to that of the previously mentioned water bag; however, this polymer model is manufactured from strong plastic and can hold either water or sand for stability. This base option is one of the strongest and sturdiest displays. In fact, it has been tested and approved for high wind, as well as relatively foul weather. For colder environments, it is recommended that the base be filled with salt in addition to just water to prevent freezing. Heavy bases like these are perfect for storefront merchandising and promotions where drawing in customers is essential.

Outdoor and indoor promotional strategies usually require several different supplies, but these feather flags with practical bases have quickly become a popular way to attract customers in any location. Whether a company is in retail, the food industry or auto sales, the right fixtures will provide effective solutions. Increasing exposure to a business with a unique logo or slogan is made simple with these promotional banners, as the wide assortment of bases provides suitable fixtures for every advertising purpose or setting.

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