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What styles of mannequins for sale are available on this site? We have offerings for every style and class of clothing dummies on the market from antique styled dress forms to abstract and headless displays. The male & female mannequins for sale are offered in several different finishes and represent a wide range of different body shapes and age ranges. Along with full realistic displays, we offer many headless models and a diverse selection of partial body forms. These mannequins for sale, commonly referred to as dress forms, can be used for applications ranging from traditional retail use to home tailoring. These clothing display fixtures are an integral piece to any enterprise which sells clothing however many of our selections can also effectively exhibit jewelry and accessories such as sunglasses, watches, necklaces, hats, scarf's, balaclavas, gaiters and the like.

What styles of dress forms are sold on this site?
  • Mannequins for Sale are Designated in the Following Classifications:
    • Realistic
      • Full flesh and skin toned displays with facial features
    • Stylized
      • Glossy & metallic finished modern - futuristic models without facial features
    • Headless
      • Amalgamation of realistic and stylized full height fixtures cropped at the neck
    • Children
      • Grouping of boy and girl dummies and dress forms representing different age brackets
    • Body Forms
      • Partial displays representing arms, hands, torsos, legs, etc.
    • Hangers
      • 1/2 and 3/4 shells with built in hanging hooks for grid or slatwall hanging
    • Dress Forms
      • Traditional and vintage cloth and wire dress stands

Throughout the modern history of clothing & apparel dress forms like the ones offered on this site have been essential to both the design and sale of fashionable wares. While the style, size and figure of the fixtures has changed with the trends the times the essential use of the dress dummy has remained the same. Male and female store fixtures are used to not only display apparel but they are often used to add to the allure of not only the product being sold but also the lifestyle that is identified with specific item or the company in general. With that being said the commercial dress forms can be creatively use by either the company designing the clothing or the retail location selling the wares to represent their own individual identity. There is an inherent and silent, yet extremely powerful, perception which is immediately rendered when a retail location chooses between a realistic model and a futuristic or abstract dummy. Traditional stores who cater to a more moderate clientele will more than likely purchase flesh colored displays with facial features. The idea behind the realistic dummy is to allow for the customer to instantly see themselves in the clothes which are being modeled. A more avant-garde or niche retail location is more likely to choose an abstract model to display their wares. There is a whole social science reasoning to this method of advertising. The specialty shop (ex. surf shop) is selling the lifestyle that is equated with the clothing or apparel while the big box store more focuses their POP (point of purchase) advertising on selling their wares into the customer's existing lifestyle there for un-alienating any cliental.

What types of materials are these clothing dummies made out of?
  • Most forms are made of fiberglass with many different finishes:
    • Matte
    • Glossy
    • Flesh tone
  • The majority of our classic and antique dress forms are made of cloth and wood
  • We offer several all metal frames which are shaped into bust figures

Dress forms may be one of the oldest representation of clothing dummies in the history of the clothing industry. At present there is huge demand for classic or vintage styled dress forms as exhibited by the thousands of boards on Pinterest which feature these old forms in modern settings. Much of this demand is not coming from the commercial or retail sector rather it is personal home use which is the driving force behind this resurgence. These clothing dummies are commonly used for altering a dress or helping the individual visualize how an outfit pairs together. There is an inherent d├ęcor value to these selections as well. Many home makeover shows will focus on a craft room and more often than not there will be a new or used dress form in the corner with pins stuck in it and a vintage tape measure draped over its shoulders.

Mannequins2Go strives to offer the widest selection of male & female forms in all the major styles. What is furthermore is that we as a company work harder to make sure that your shopping experience is as easy and simple as possible. What does that mean to you our customer? It means we offer same day shipping on all of our in-stock products when purchased by 1pm EST. We have the advantage of being a real company with real employees and a large physical warehouse that is shipment ready. We are not a digital front for a bunch of different companies selling marked-up drop ship items. We inspect every shipment of clothing dummies we receive and make sure our suppliers live up to the same high standards that our customers expect from us. Not only is our warehouse ready to ship out on a daily basis but our inventory is digitally linked to our website so that at any time of the day or night in any time zone our customers can see exactly how many of a certain clothing display we have in stock. This is not only important for our corporate customers who are looking to place large orders but also for smaller shops looking for just one piece. Do you have a question with one of male or female dummy fixtures or want to ask about shipping rates? We offer three different means for contacting our call center staff: by phone, e-mail or live chat (instant messenger). Our customer service staff attends weekly training meetings on all of our products so that they are well versed in not only our shipping procedures but all the features of our entire inventory. We thank you for choosing Mannequins2Go and are grateful as a company that you have chosen us to help represent your business.

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