Block Flags

Our advertising flags are our biggest focus on this site. These flags are massive in size and scope. These block flags are available in 10 foot, 13 foot or 17 foot heights. Our 10’ & 13’ flags are available with either a ground spike base or a sturdy tri-pole base which is idea for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to their giant size the 17’ advertising flags are only available overly stable four pole base. All of our giantpole flags are available with many different color printing options. The color printing options for our advertising flags are as follows:

  1. 1-Color 1-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  2. 1-Color 2-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  3. 2-Color 1-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  4. 2-Color 2-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  5. 3-Color 1-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  6. 3-Color 2-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  7. Full-Color 1-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  8. Full-Color 2-Side Silkscreen Printed (10 flag minimum)
  9. Full-Color 1-Side Digitally Printed (no minimum order)
  10. Full-Color 1-Side Digitally Printed (no minimum order)

Feather Flags

Our blade flags are some of our most popular items. What makes these feather flags so sought after? Not only do we offer all the same printing options as the large format block flags but we also offer the following base options for feather flags:

  1. Car Foot Base
  2. Ground Spike Base
  3. Cross Base with Water Bag
  4. Water/Sand Fillable Base
Not only do we offer these varied base styles but what makes our vast selection of blade flags so sought after is not only do we offer custom printing and a variety of base options but we also stock an ever changing selection of pre-printed feather flags. These flags have universal messages like: open, sale, grand opening, and other eye-catching phrases.

Teardrop Flags

These rounded flag banners are very similar to our selection of feather flags. We offer the same custom printing and the same base options with these teardrop flags as we do with our block flags and our feather flags. While we also offer stock teardrop flags our selection is smaller than our pre-printed feather flags. Our rounded banner flags are ideal for outdoor use as they have a larger area on top which can catch a light breeze and allow for the flag to sway in a light wind.

Message Flags

These iconic flags can be seen out in front of any number different types of businesses. These pre-printed store flags are outfitted with three colored stripes. Each flag has a red upped area, a white middle section and a blue bottom area. The stock printed message is printed in the middle white area. We offer these flags with several different messages like: Sale, Open and Grand Opening. We also offer our signs as standalone units or with a supporting flagpole and mounting bracket. We also offer an aluminum flag pole with mount for those customers who already have a flag of their own.

Street Pole Banners

These lamp post banners are a prime means of targeting lots of customers in high traffic areas. Street pole banners can be used in a myriad of different locations. Small towns can use them along their main streets. Malls or other large shopping areas can use these vinyl wings to display holiday or sale messages. Many times an amusement park or a city/town park will use these light pole banners to host announcements. We offer many different styles of these pole banners from single or double wing to just the vinyl banners or just the hardware.

Pop-up Banners

Pop-up banners, also known as sideline banners, are lightweight custom printed fabric signs. These portable banners are often seen at golf tournaments. Fairs, sporting events, and outdoor charity events are also common places to see these displays. These custom printed pop-up banners also have a place as outdoor advertisements for shops and stores with a direct outdoor presence.

Banner Hardware Kits

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of banner holders and hardware kits. We have height and width adjustable water/sand bases which are available with and without custom printed banners. Aside from these portable banners we now offer a wide selection of metal banner holders which are designed to be bolt to the ground. These banner holders are designed to withstand the elements and are our most durable offerings.

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